Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Card Of The Day: Unity Angel Tarot

Card Of The Day
Angel Tarot

          The Unity card asks us to consider the broader implications of our actions. It's also a duality card. When this card shows up, we may find ourselves being called upon to take a traditional route and do things via tried and true methods. Or we may be asked to buck tradition by thinking outside the box and doing things our own way. The way to know which message is being presented by Unity is by interpreting the other cards that surround it or, as always, by listening to our intuition. The Unity card asks us to spend time with like minded iindividualswho can help us develop our spiritual gifts. We may feel called upon to join spiritual institutions or schools where we can grow along with others who feel the way we do. Unity can also indicate that certain rules that have been imposed upon us by society or family no longer serve us. These constraints should be cast off in favor of new guidelines that lead us forward on the path we wish to follow. 
        As humans, we have a tendency to make rules, but what are rules without morality? The Unity card represents a guru or teacher who can help us see the meaning behind our purpose. His wisdom provides us with different guidance from that of those we've met on our journey so far. The mentor on the Unity card challenges us to understand ourselves more deeply. We may know in our hearts that we want to pursue a career as a writer, for example, but how does our plan benefit the greater good? These are questions of profound meaning and deep spirituality. Unity doesn't judge our answers, but merely gives us access to them, helping us grasp what we label as good or bad, and how that correlated to the world at large. This is a search for the meaning of life that not only enriches our souls, but brings light to those around us. 
        In traditional tarot, this card is called the Hierophant. The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus, which is a sign of determination and faith. This is a stable and loyal energy that displays great wisdom and knowledge. It is reliable, and values peace. However, this sign can also be a bit rigid in how it sees things. This matched the Unity or Hierophant card's message. The Hierophant is represented by a religious figure, sitting within a church environment. In fact, in some of the earliest decks, this card is even called The Pope. However, in the Angel Tarot deck this card has imagery that would reflect a broader set of spiritual beliefs. Seven orbs representing various belief systems fly around Archangel Sandalphon. The energy of this card is meant to connect all religions in one harmony. The number seven (the seven orbs) reflects being on the right path and being spiritually aware. Above all the orbs is the one true light of the divine at the top of the staff. Around his waist is a set of crossed keys, silver and gold. They represent the conscious and the subconscious. 
        The Unity card is the number 5 of the Major Arcana. To describe the meaning of this number in one word it could be change. It's all about freedom of ideas and endless curiosity. This is someone who is eager to see what's next in life, and possibly someone who is willing to challenge the beliefs they may have grew up with. This number also likes the company of others, as it can learn so much about the positive changes they might create. 
         Sandalphon is known for delivering prayers from earth to the beyond. He carries our desires to a loving and benevolent Universe. Sandalphon helps those who are seeking to enrich their inner world, and also helps them find others who are also searching. His halo is a beautiful turquoise. He goes well with this card because often this card represents someone challenging their belief system, and seeking more in life. They may be drawn towards the mysteries of life. 
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Spell Basics

Spell Basics With Spiritual Seer Melody
Photo Taken 2015 By Melody Wilson Copyright © 2015 Melody Wilson All Rights Reserved
          Spells are beautiful and are a natural aspect of life in their most basic form. A spell can be as simple as words spoken out into the wind. As long as the intention of the manifested desire is there then it's a spell. Most people know what spells are, but rarely do some stop and wonder about what is behind the word. Even the word spoken can bring fear into some people. Topics such as evil always come up. Spells have been around for centuries. In fact, they have been used since ancient times through many different forms. Many people do spells everyday and never even realized and this can be done even through prayers, blessings, chants, etc.
        There are 4 main types of spells in general. Air Spells, Fire, Spells, Water Spells, and Earth Spells. There can be as large as an elaborate ritual or simple.  A sample of each one goes as follows. An earth spell would harness the powers of nature. Something like charging a stone with the spells intent and placing it under a tree, writing your intention on a piece of paper and burying it in the dirt, or even carving a symbol or rune into the soil or sand can be a simple earth spell. A water spell would harness the powers of the sea. This can be done through something like writing your spell down on paper and floating it away in a body of water, charging some clean drinking water with the spells intention while adding appropriate herbs and drinking like a potion, or blessing water with the spell and using it as anointing water. An air spell would harness the powers of the wind. Something like saying your chant or spell into the air on a windy day, writing your spell down on a paper and letting the wind carry it (or the ashes if combining elements) away, or choosing a leaf from a plant while charging it with your intention and letting the wind carry it away to be manifested. A fire spell would harness the powers of the flame. Burning a candle charged with the intention can be a simple way, writing your intention on a piece of paper and setting fire to it, or even focusing your thought on a flame can be a really effective way.
          You may have heard the terms Black Magic Spells and White Magic Spells. This is a term used to categorize the basic good vs evil aspect of each spells intention. As a general guide a spell that is cast upon someone who has not given permission should be categorized as a black magic spell. Any spell done for revenge or for evil hatred purposes is a black magic spell. White magic spells are done with the light of good in mind. They're cast to benefit yourself or someone you know (with permission). White magic spells are pure and always loving. The more you work with spells, the more you will be able to tell the difference.
          Another good thing to keep in mind when doing spell work is the Three Fold Law. Basically this means that whatever you give out you will get back times three. This is a basic principle in many different beliefs and religions. Whatever you give out you will get back. You can think of this as karma, but be sure that whatever you do you keep the three fold law in mind. If you give good then you shall receive good back to you three times over, but if you give back then... well you get the gist.
        If you have any questions about spells, how to construct your own, or anything at all please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to help. I also offer my own SpellCasting Services. You can find the link to my shop below. Thank you for reading!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spiritual Progression & How To Find Enlightenment

Picture Created By SecretMae - All Rights Reserved - 2015
Spiritual Progression
*How To Find Enlightenment*

          This is a topic which many people wonder about at one point in their life or another. Spiritual Progression and Finding Enlightenment doesn't have to have a religion. It is not caged by any one form of belief. The beauty of this is that anyone can find the beauty in their life. In fact, this is what we are placed in this physical realm to do. But what exactly is Spirituality and how does one begin to grow spiritually?
          Spirituality can be explained as simply believing in more then they eyes can see. It can be as large as an entire belief system or as simple as a knowing. Spirituality is something we are all a part of whether we realize it or not. This is because we are all spiritual beings whether we recognize it or try to ignore it. You don't have to believe me, but its true. We are more then our physical bodies. We are not only flesh and blood. Deep inside us all each contain our true self. This can be explained as our higher self or inner self. Either what its who we really are. Think about it... Does your body think your thoughts like a robot or does what powers your brain think the thoughts? Who is that voice in your mind? Who is your intuition, and that still small voice which guides you along your journey in life. This is our genuine selves. This is who we really are. Our bodies are merely shells in order to live on earth in this physical plane of existence. Spirituality can be thought of as acknowledging this part of yourself and embracing it for all it has to offer. 
          Progressing spiritually is something that will change your life forever. This will brighten your existence ten fold. Its so beautiful that I can hardly express to you the beauty of spiritual enlightenment. It brings more joy into your life. It will help you in the dark times of your life by helping you to see the silver lining. It will also help you to better connect with the real you, and help you to understand why you are really here. Enhancing your spiritual self will also brighten your inner light, and help you to be able to shine that light upon others. This will also help you to attract good situations into your life. Once you are on your way spiritually, you will find that opportunities to enlighten other people whom you meet will arise. Take these engagements as a sign from your guides and the angels that you are on the right path.
          With all this being said I bet you're wondering how you can help yourself to grow spiritually? Well just like a flower growing in spring, it takes a lot of love, light, and nourishment. This is a process that takes some time, and one cannot expect results over night. Consider this like loosing weight. You wouldn't expect to loose 50 pounds over the coarse of 24 hours. It would take a lot of dedication, self love, hope, faith, and belief in yourself for you to loose that weight. This is basically the same with Spirituality.
         Before I toss out any tips, I want to explain how you can begin your spiritual journey. This is for those who may not know how to. If you're already aware and have begun your path already then just bare with me for a moment. To begin your spiritual journey all it takes is that moment when you choose to go down the path of enlightenment. Once you decide to work on your spiritual progression, then you're already on your way. Remember this, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Now that you have chosen the path, all there is left to do is learn and incorporate it into your life. 

Now for a few pinpointed tips

  • Slowing Down
  • Learning To Meditate
  • Connecting With Nature
  • Tuning Into The World Around You
          Let's go over these tips so you can better understand what I am trying to explain. Slowing down in your life is very beneficial to not only our spiritual selves, but our physical selves as well. Think about technology for a moment. Its growing at a steady pace, and is taking all of us along with it. Everything is beginning to form right in front of our eyes at the touch of a button. Cellphones, television, computers, tablets. These, among many others, have all been fogging our mind. I know you will find those people who say that technology is advancing our society and bettering us for a brighter tomorrow, but if you stop and think about it... Is it really? I don't believe so.  Sure it is helping in the advancement of medicine, and sometimes it saves people's lives. But for the most part all it is doing is focusing out attention on the wrong things. Instead of learning to progress in the ways of old, technology is diminishing the ancient ways that have brought us to where we are. Its taking all of that and making it become a thing of the past. By slowing down we are helping ourselves to appreciate the smaller things in life. It re-focuses our minds on what truly matters. Instead of worrying about getting the newest model phone, car or computer. We could be sending our time and money on those we love or helping the world. Think about a highway for a moment. the cars are all speeding by. They pass one another without acknowledging those they are around. Their only worry is to get to their destination. But do they pay attention to the beauty of the scenery? Sadly, no. So the first step is to slow down your life, and look for the small things in life. In these we will find what truly makes us happy. 
          Meditation is another form of slowing yourself down. The only time we don't have something on our mind is when we are in bed asleep. Meditation is a way for us to go deep within ourselves to find answers, hear messages, learn, and cleanse. Meditation is very beneficial to our spiritual and physical bodies. It will give us more energy, and clear our minds to make better decisions. Basically meditation can be as simple as finding a spot out in nature without technology or other people. Sit there with the birds, animals, and plant life. Examine everything from the tallest tree to the smallest ant. This is very cleansing. You can also find a relaxing and quiet spot in your home to meditate. Either have silence or some calming music playing. Basically what you do is close your eyes and clear your mind. You can find many meditation techniques on the internet. Work with a few and see which one you respond to best! 
          Connecting with nature and tuning into the world around you are close to one another. Connecting with nature is basically just as it sounds. Go out in nature and spend some time there. Whether it be walking in a park while your kids play, going to a state part to walk a trail, sitting on the beach, or relaxing in your own back yard. Connecting with nature can be done easily. Just be sure to be relaxed and not distracted by any technology. Even your phone can be turned on silence. If you use your phone or blare music in your ears when trying to connect with nature then it is canceling what you're trying to do out. Turn the phone off or on silent, and really give your all to nature. After all nature is earth and earth is where we live. Mother Nature is our home, and she loves it when we pay her some attention. Now in comes tuning into the world around you. Pay attention to everything! The sky, the ground, everything! You can tune into the small sounds of life. Sit in your room or outside and listen. You may hear the TV, family talking, birds chirping, cars passing, but if you continue this you will begin to hear things you never did before. If you do this at night it is especially nice, and out in nature can be the best! Another way is when you get a chance instead of looking forward or having your face plastered against your cellphone take a look around you. See the birds perched on the power lines or trees, see the animals or insects living their lives, hear the wind rustling the trees and plants, smell the air, listen to the sounds and see the world around you. 
          All of these are basic techniques, but they are good for everyone to remember. It doesn't matter how long you've been practicing spirituality or if you are a beginner. These tips and techniques are beneficial for us all to remember. After all, in these times we live in its very hard to remember these small things. Stay tuned for more updates in this blog on future parts of Spiritual Progression. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive all the updates or bookmark it in your browser. If you happen to have any questions please feel free to ask me. I welcome any and all. I'm sending many blessings your way.

Much Love & light,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Soul Searching

Picture by Melody Wilson and D.A.Elliott Copyright All Rights Reserved
Soul Searching

          We are all born onto this physical plane of existence with the knowledge that we have potential for more. This causes so much strife within our spirit. As children we are constantly using our imagination and pretending things are different. This is a way for our subconscious to explore various possibilities. Its kind of like an escape. This is also a big reason why children are often so happy go luck. Even if some of them possibilities would appear like a fairy tale. Our minds, even at a young age, is aware that there is much more then the world we see.
          When we get a bit older into our teenage years we begin to forget all of our childish ways. We push all of our imagination off, and are taught to grow up. The childish ways are behind us and are to be forgotten. This is when our spirit begins to feel caged. The escape from exploring our minds eyes as children are no more. Now all that's left is a spirit stuck inside of a limited body. We are not our body. We are our spirit. We are that part deep down within ourselves that tells us when something is right or wrong. We are the voice inside of our mind, and the heart felt feeling of love. This is us! Not a collection of flesh and bone. This is why outside appearance should not matter. This is why we feel caged.
          Now into adulthood we are fully set in our ways. There is no imagination anymore. It is now a long lost memory. All thoughts revolve around money, jobs, sex, paying bills, getting the newest technology, etc. These are not the things we should have our minds on, but this is the way society brings us up. If we were free to remain our childish selves and still grow up to become adults we would have such a large knowledge about the things beyond.
          We are all lost in this fog of life here on earth. Earth is an amazing place, but we all know deep down inside that we are not meant to live the current way most of us are living. We attach ourselves to drugs, addictions, eating, depression, anger, etc. All because it is a means of escape, but these forms of escape are only digging us in  deeper. What needs to happen is for us to go back to simpler times. Take some time out each day to sit in silence. Try to explore nature on your next day off work. Begin planting a garden and work with the earth. There are various ways that will help our minds  become at ease. This will help our spirit selves to escape a bit, and feel connected with everything. This is the "all" that connects everything. Take a bit of time to explore a few meditation techniques. Find one that fits you best, and make some time each day for it. Release the worries of everyday life, and embrace the fact that each day in this reality is a gift. Most of us waste these gifts with being blind and not opening our eyes to the truth. Embrace the gift of life here on earth and learn. Each day is a new chance to experience something grand! Find that mystery and explore! Have an adventure of a lifetime in the freedom of knowing that the mundane things of life do not matter. All that matters is love, learning, and sharing that love and lesson.

Much Love & Light To You,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Many Thanks To All

Many Thanks To All

I simply wanted to take a moment to thank all of my clients and customers for trusting me with their questions and concerns. I am honored to be your Spiritual Seer (Psychic). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me. This is a video I made expressing my gratitude.

Much Love & Light
Spiritual Seer Melody

Spiritual Seer Melody

Spiritual Seer Melody

          Greetings to you on this beautiful day! I am blessed to say that I help people everyday. I have clients who come to me regularly for Spiritual Assistance, those who stop by occasionally for a life update or a simple question, and the fly by customers. Each one I am honored to have trust me with their questions and concerns. I am extremely pleased that I can offer my Spiritual Assistance to people and help them on their life's journey. For me this isn't about the money. Although we live in a material world with material needs. If material need for money and bills ever went away I would still be doing this. I am truly happy to say that with my writing and my Spiritual Assistance, I have found my life's true calling. 
          I would like to welcome you to stop by my reading selection you can do this by clicking the links below or going to my Dark Secret Creation's shop. I am currently working on a way to offer my readings and assistance through this blog. But my tech knowledge isn't that equip yet, haha. 
          I have been exploring and growing in my spiritual path since I was a child. Even at a small age I use to be able to do some amazing things. Some of these would be simply knowing a presence was near or hearing a voice. I remember when I was probably about 3 or 4 years old my parents and 3 brothers were living in an old house that was passed down to my father. But his father and brother died in the house some years back. This house was very small, but had an attic. Now kids being kids of coarse my two older brothers wanted to spend much of their time in the attic. Since I was the younger sister I wanted to follow them around everywhere. The attic was broke off into two separate rooms. The main part and the other part. The other part had a door that was always open. But inside it was very dark, dusty, and emitted a very musky smell. Years before there was a fire and the floor was not too sturdy. So nobody was aloud over to that part. 
         Now when I tell you the energy I got at that young age emitting from that room I am serious. It was very strong, and I constantly wanting to go inside. There was a lone wooden chair sitting in the middle of the room facing the open door. To this day I remember something very odd. I use to stand in the doorway stairing into that room. Looking back I know I scared the wits out of my mother. She is a very nervous person when it comes to the unknown. But there is one thing I remember like the back of my hand! There would sometimes be a man standing behind the chair waving for me to come inside. This man I now know was my uncle (father's brother) who died in that house. I recognized him as I got older from some very old pictures. 
          I won't go into too much more about that story, but I can tell you that this was just one of many experiences I have had with the spiritual world. Not all of it is scary and fearful. Many of it is beautiful and mysterious! As I grew into adulthood I became better and better at controlling the seemingly uncontrollable spiritual things that would happen to me. After I became steady with my progression in my own Spiritual Journey I began reaching out to others to help them. I am not honored to be a Psychic Reader, but as you all may know I prefer the term Spiritual Seer. I would be honored if you would trust me with your questions and concerns. I know they mean a lot to you, therefore they mean a lot to me as well.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Real Psychic Readings - How To Know?

        You may have heard of Psychics before and what they do. You may wonder if they're real. Well I can shed a bit of light on the subject. Yes, there are people out there who can foresee events and who are "Psychics". I call myself a Spiritual Seer because the term Psychic can be used too loosely. In these days many people want to know how to be a psychic and do psychic things. But rarely do they want to take the time out to really study the art of Spirituality and Seeing with the Third Eye. For me its always came naturally, but I do a lot of research and I read up on different subjects all the time. So I did this video for everyone. Its a short video, and I will probably do one more in depth. But this one touches the surface on what you can look out for when searching for a quality real psychic. I hope you enjoy!

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