Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Journey Into Spiritual Truth

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        Witchcraft and Spells are two very controversial subjects. And I will admit its very easy to take them to a bad place. I've lived through this. But let me explain! I'm not bashing "witches" and the craft. Actually I'm taking up for it, which is something I thought I would never do at one point in my life. Let me begin with my my story of what happened to me through the course of my life thus far. 

        When I was a teenager for a short time I was into Paganism and witchcraft. Mainly one of my close friends and I would practice together. My heart was never fully into it at the time but I enjoyed it. At the time I never fully understood why my feelings were so conflicting. Eventually this path led to some dark times in my life, and I always blamed it on the witchcraft and Paganism. But it really wasn't those things. It was how my close friend was doing it. She would often take it to a bad place and didn't even know it. By me practicing with her that bad energy was rubbing off on me. Later as I became an adult and totally stopped all ties with that kind of stuff, I would always find myself drawn to it. On and off throughout my life I would always find myself stumbling across something that would remind me of it. That side of my would always call. At one point it was driving me crazy to ignore it. Soon I would find myself on my true path.

         No I am not a Pagan and yes you could consider some of the things I do "witchcraft", but I don't really see it like that. I'm not doing spells to make someone love me. I would never cast a curse on anyone or do anything for revenge. Actually you shouldn't cast a spell on anyone without their consent, because it will backfire on you. Even good intentions can go wrong. Mainly what I do involves the natural elements around us. Stones, Herbs. Plants, etc. Its these energies that were once seen as the medicines of old. The old healer in the village who everyone would go to if they had an ailment. The wise woman of the forest who people would go to for spiritual help. Yes all of these practices involve nature and the things this earth was blessed with. Modern day medicine is based off the practices of old. Plants offer nutrition and vitamins that can boost your immune system to heal you. Stones in many cultures are use for meditation and cleansing of the body and spirit. These could all be considered forms of magic, spells, and witchcraft. 

        I don't like to label myself. I am simply a Child Of God. I believe in God and accept Jesus. I was never one to go to church all the time, but I read my bible a lot. I pray daily. I believe I have found a good balance in my spirituality. I always try to be calm, and I dislike the way anger and aggression makes me feel. I normally don't openly speak about my beliefs with people and if I do its varied. But I have been feeling the need to share this. Perhaps it will help someone that comes along this post to come into terms with their personal beliefs. If it does I would love to hear from you. Please add your comments below. But if you have anything negative to say then just go somewhere else with it. You're not welcome. Thank you very much for listening. I feel lighter, haha. 

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Energy All Around Us

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          Energy is everywhere at all times. Its in the air, out in the universe, in plants, and even man made items. Energy is also within us! I've always been into Metaphysical topics. As a child I would stare into the sky and watch the clouds or I might stare across the way into a forest or whatever was in the distance. I remember doing this a lot. Most of the time I wouldn't be thinking about anything really. At times I would even be in a trance like state looking at what I was seeing. What was I seeing? Of coarse I saw the objects of the seen world in front of me, but I also saw something else. It was like waves in the air and static like on a TV that has the white noise. I never knew what it was. I even asked some people and they didn't know what I was talking about. My mom would always think that maybe I needed glasses. Later on into adulthood I would find out exactly what I was looking at as a child!

          I was seeing energy floating through the air. How I cam about this knowledge is a long story, but to sum it up... I've found myself on a path of spiritual progression through a wide range of means. But mainly it is through progressing my own abilities as a seer or "psychic". I really dislike the term psychic. It makes you sound like some weirdo on a 1800 number. Anyone can call themselves Psychics so be weary on who you trust in the matters of readings. Anyway, Metaphyiscal teachings led me to find out that many of the things I did as a child could be considered a "gift". But we'll get into those on a later post. Energy can be seen by anyone! Its all a matter of focusing your eyes.

          Here's how you do it. Focus your eyes on something in the distance. It may be a wall, tree, flower, the floor, whatever it is just focus. Make sure you won't be too distracted though. Now focus your eyes on the in between. So you're not looking at the object anymore. Your looking at the space between you and the object. You're looking at the air! You may have to practice this for a while before you can get it down perfectly. But it will get easier with practice. Now that you're looking at the air just watch. You may find your mind not even focusing on anything else in the room. It may even seen like you went into a tunnel like state of vision. You will soon begin to see waves and the white noise that's on a blank TV channel. You might even see glistening spec that almost look like stars. This is the energy that's around you! Once you see what I just explained you have now successfully saw the invisible energy that is alive in everything!

        The picture about is of a yellow poplar tree in my front yard. I took this picture with a regular setting on a day when I felt the energy levels were at a high. I then zoomed in on the picture with my camera and noticed the bluish light around the limbs of the tree. You will even see a blur around the tree and leaves. This is the white colored energy. So in this picture you're seeing the natural energy of a tree that looks blue and whitish.
Copyright © 2014 Melody Wilson - All Rights Reserved
          The picture to the left isn't as prominent as the first one, but near the right of the portable speakers and glasses under the remotes you will see the blue color again. This is the energy of the remotes and speakers working. Its amazing isn't it?!

        I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any pictures of information to add about this natural energy please do so in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day!

Much Love and Light! Melody                  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Video Blog: Pendulums & Meeting Your Spirit Guides

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          Above is a video from my YouTube Channel. I have many more videos, but in this one I discuss the topic of pendulums and how to use them to contact your spirit guides. If you have any follow up questions regarding this topic after you watch the video please feel free to ask. I'm happy to introduce these videos to you, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it and maybe it will help. Thank you! If you want to be updated when my newest videos come out then subscribe to my channel. The link  is above!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Nature Infused Jewelry

As you may know I co-own two online shops with my fiance, Dwayne. One of those shops we sell handcrafted one of a kind jewelry. That shop is called Moonlight Jewelers. The shop is through a website called Etsy where many people sell handmade and vintage items and supplies. Through my travels on that website I've found some really amazing items. Some shops on there blow my mind away with the things people can create! This article is about an online shop owned and managed by my friend Whitney of the CraneGoose shop on Etsy.

This is Whitney her beautiful nature comes out in each of her pieces of jewelry. I got the pleasure of doing some business with her. I received a bangle style bracelet with bells and crystals hanging off. Around the entire bracelet wrapped with copper wire was faux leafy vines. The closure was wire wrapped. The bracelet is stunning and as the appearance of dew drop morning leaves. I also received a pair of dangle cuff earrings with a gemstone hanging from the bottom. That also has a leafy vine running through it. I am in love with earthy items and I am inspired by magic and fantasy. As many of you know I am also a writer and these types of items look like something that sprang straight out of one of my books. Below is the interview I had with her. She was very eager to get started!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your shop?

          I am 24 years old, married, and am an aspiring work-at-home wife. My husband Crane and I don't have any children, but we do have an adorable snow cornsnake named Unicorn. She is full of personality and daintiness, and we love her like family.
          Currently I work part-time in retail, but I plan to eventually work exclusively from home, running this business. My hubby supports me fully in my goals and dreams, and he often offers helpful suggestions and ideas for my shop. He makes an awesome business advisor.
          Both of us us dream of one day travelling all of North America in an RV, in one huge road trip. My hope is that then that day comes, I can continue to bring in an income during our travels with this shop.

        Well, my shop started when I made a couple of flower crowns for myself, and one of my friends really like them and told me I should sell them! So I started making flower crowns and listing them on Etsy. Eventually, as I became inspired by other things, my interest in flower crowns waned and I began making jewelry with a botanical twist instead.
        Every day, I am inspired by materials, color combinations, even music. So many ideas build up in my head that I have to write or draw them down onto a piece of paper. Not every idea is successful, but I have fun trying them out.

          Even though I have ideas written down all over the place, I find that my favorite pieces are things I've created on impulse. With the materials in front of me, and even while in the process of making something else, I'm suddenly overcome with an idea and it has to be made immediately! Like my Gemstone Plant Necklaces. There was no planning for those, they just... happened.
           I also strive to reduce waste and use up as much of my materials as I can, so I save my scraps until I find a way to incorporate them. It also helps me save money by challenging me to use what I have rather than going and buying more and more supplies. I believe that creativity thrives when fed a healthy dose of challenge.

That's amazing what inspirations do you have for your shop, and how would you describe it to a customer?

        I'm inspired by the freshness and vitality of plants. Put a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers in a room, and that room will instantly become a happier, livelier place. Similarly, one would wear my botanical jewelry and feel brighter and better.
        I also love the idea of juxtaposing the delicate appearance of leaves against the hard roughness of natural stones and crystals. Together, I find they play well together. They are both gifts from the earth. I am also deeply intrigued by the metaphysical properties of crystals, and love to incorporate that into my work.
        To a customer, I would describe my items as nature-infused jewelry. I always try to include an earthy element into my jewelry be it crystals, feathers, twigs, acorns, or leaves. No matter what, each one of my pieces will have at least one of these things.

These are some of her items. If you would like to go check out her shop the link is below. Rest assure when you order something from her you will get what you pay for! When I ordered my items they came in the cutest packaging. She really does take her time to present her items so you're happy as soon as you open the envelope! 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stargazing: As Escape From Reality

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          The universe that all life calls home is boundless and beautiful. The wonders that are out there never cease to amaze me. I love taking photos of the night sky. The picture to the left is of the August 2014 Super Moon. The small stars you see around the moon are the actual stars that my camera caught. I simply used a photo editing software to make their light a little brighter for our eyes to see. Of coarse the large star in the top left corner is computer generated, but is still beautiful nonetheless.
          When I first discovered Astrophotography I was completely amazed at how easy it really was to capture these beautiful moments in time. I don't have a camera worth hundreds of dollars. My fiance, Dwayne, got me one a few years back. It was on a super awesome sale for a little over $100. He had a little money left over from college expenses and wanted to do something nice for me. My camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S with 18x optical zoom. I don't have any attachments to increase the lenses for further zoom or nothing. However, as you can see by the photo it does the trick.
          Photos such as the one above are outstanding, because they let us see places that we cannot go as humans. They inspire stories, invoke mystery, and amaze the senses. Even if your not taking pictures of our beautiful night sky you can still see all its wonders with your naked eyes. One good tip when stargazing is to look but try not to completely focus your eyes. When we look directly at something we're using the part of our eyes that are most sensitive to color. However, when we look at something indirectly we're using the part of our eye that's most sensitive to faint light. This is easy simply try looking to one side of the object rather then directly at it.
         So the next time its a clear night try to go outside and see if you can see anything. If you live in an area that has a lot of lights, then chances are you won't see much. But its as easy as taking a ride to a less populated area. Try to get at least 1 mile away from the bright lights of night. You will be amazed at how calming it is. Sure, to some it may sound boring. But that's only because in our lives these days we constantly have things to entertain us. We always have something in our faces telling when to laugh or be sad. Our emotions are beginning to not be our own. Its good to purge ourselves from these things if only for an hour a week. Getting out looking up at the wild yonder above us is the perfect way to calm your mind. There is even free apps for your phones where you can download sky maps. Try using Google Sky Map. That is the best one I've seen so far. Its simple, un-distracting, and easy to use. Now get out there and find something beautiful! Escape from our fake forms of reality and experience the true nature of being human!

Blessings, Light, and Love to you all,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ramblings Of A Night Owl

         I would say my life isn't very interesting. My day job is in retail, I am a Self-Published Author, and co-owner of two online shops (Moonlight Jewelers and Dark Secret Creations). I don't have any children, but I do have a handsome little kitty named Gizmo. There he is sitting on the bed wrapped up in the sheets.
He is no human child, but the little thing sure is needy, haha. Anyway I decided to put a little post on here telling you all a little about myself and my daily life. I usually post updates when it comes to my shops, books, poetry, or if I find something interesting to talk about. But I'm going to try rambling on about my thoughts. 
        One thing I know is I should be editing my second book. I guess you could say its finished, but it needs a few more scenes added in, tweaked, editing done to the grammar, spelling, and plot. The ins and outs of editing is a stressful process for me. I love writing the book, but editing it is an entirely different matter. It seems too much like work, but its worth it. My second book is "The Legend Of The Mystics". I've had this story idea for years! The story behind it is a long one, which I'm sure I'll be posting when its published. But its a story I'm happy to finally get down! Heartmine Destiny was my first book, and will always hold a place in my heart, but The Legend Of The Mystics will be entirely something else. I have so many story ideas, and books in the process of being started. It seems I don't have enough time. One might look at my life and see a young woman without children who has all the time in the world. It doesn't seem that way to me though? Maybe its just a matter of perspective?...
          Dark Secret Creations and Moonlight Jewelers are two shops I am proud to be co-owners of with my loving soon to be husband Dwayne. He has an Associates of Arts Degree in Business and uses it well with these two shops which take up a lot of our time. We cannot rush art or jewelry making. Its a process that has to have time. If you would like to check out the shops the links will be posted at the end of this entry. 
          A few other ramblings I would like to add is two shows that I am currently in love with. One is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel 2. I love this show so much! Its just so amazing to me. The concept of life outside earth is something I am assured of. How can we be the only beings out there. Well if you think about it we're not. Biblically speaking there is other beings out there. God, the Angels of light, Satan, and Angels of darkness. In our earthly perspective wouldn't they (not being earthlings) be considered "Aliens" in our human terms? The second show is Witches Of East End. This show has captured me! Its like Charmed but different. I adore it!
          I hope I haven't bored you to death with my ramblings. If your still trekking along these words I thank you. Please feel free to comment your personal thoughts about anything I mentioned or if you have an awesome show I should be watching on tv.

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Citrine Galaxy
          This shop features some beautiful art and photography. Our Digital Art is a mix of photo software designs mixed with our own photography, fractal designs, etc. Coming soon will be some drawings and painting prints we've created. This shops name is Dark Secret Creations and we are the same owners as Moonlight Jewelers. As you know I am co-owner with my soon to be husband, Dwayne. We are proud to announce this new shop as officially open. Here is a few of our pieces. Some of the pieces are offered as Instant Downloads, and some are offered as physical Prints that will be sent with the option of framing. All prints will be done with Professional Quality Archival Ink and paper for a fade resistant long lasting look. Since we each have a different design when it comes to our art. You will see an array of pieces on here with different looks and designs. Each listing will specify who made the item. If you order a print we will add the title of the piece along with the date printed. Each print will be hand signed on the back. If you have any questions regarding products, specifications, etc please feel free to contact us on our shop site below. We will answer as soon as possible. 
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